TITLE –  Wonderlust
SERIES – Steel Roses
AUTHOR – B.L.Wilde
GENRE – Erotic romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 70K
COVER ARTIST – Laurynne Gouws


Natasha White has always been unlucky in love. The men she falls for only want one thing from her, and it isn’t commitment. When her boss and on/off fling announces his engagement to another woman, she finds herself running from her feelings for him by taking a job as a personal assistant to the legendary rock god, Alex Harbour—half a world away. Her new boss is sexy, damaged, and insatiable, but Natasha has been a fan since she was a young girl. Conflicted by her emotions, she begins a love/hate relationship with the egotistical rock star.Alex’s intentions toward her are clear from the moment they meet, but Natasha isn’t about to run from one emotionless connection to another. She is determined to keep her distance from her childhood crush, by any means necessary. When lust begins to cloud her mind, however, she becomes hell bent on protecting her heart. What good could ever come out of falling for a rock star, anyway?


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Review by Jillian 
There’s just something about Rock Stars.  Something about the bad boy persona that we just can’t help but love.  I was given this book to review and I’m so lucky that I did.  I was so sucked into this book and the story of  Wonderlust. 
Meet Alex Harbour, a legendary rock god with a bad attitude.  Alex is a little hard to handle since the split from his band.  He is a broken man who suffers from addiction, addiction to Fame, Drugs and Women.   Alex recently lost his personal assistant and needs to hire a new one.  Someone who can keep him in check and under control.  

Here’s where we meet Natasha White.  Natasha is already a personal assistant for the only man she ever loved.  Unfortunately he just got engaged to be marry another woman.  Natasha no longer wants to be tied to him and seeks out her dream job that will take her from London to LA.  It’s a huge leap of faith but it’s what she feels she needs.  

The first meeting between Alex and Natasha wasn’t the most pleasant of meetings.  Alex is a man who is used to getting what he wants with no questions asked but Natasha was a no nonsense kind of girl.  She was also the only woman to tell the rock god himself where to shove it.   This only made Alex want her more.  Once she started to work for him she had to fight off his advances and charms every day.  Which got only got harder and harder.  

The banter between these two was so good.  There were times I actually laughed out loud.  This book also has some great supporting characters which helped tie it together so well.  I highly recommend this book.  It’s a 5 Star read for sure! 

“You’re pretty good at handling the media,” Alex mused once we’d taken our seats inside the cinema. “You sure know how to put them in their place. I think that was the most effortless set of interviews I’ve ever had.”

“I have a love, hate relationship with them. I don’t mind being abrupt when they overstep their mark.”

“That’s a little like us.” I had to giggle at that. “You look really beautiful tonight, Nat.”

“Maybe you should keep your eyes on the stage instead of on me.” I smirked, brushing of his comment while we watched the director and main leads take the stage. I tried to collect my thoughts, but Alex Harbour had just called me beautiful.

So many people acknowledged Alex as they wandered past us. Some stopped to congratulate him on the song for the soundtrack. I, myself, was disappointed with the song. It had a more pop feel than rock. To me, it was like he’d sold out on this track. It wasn’t the real him.  

My mouth fell open when Adam Rider came over and had a quick chat with us. He was ‘the’ Hollywood actor at the moment, and gazing up at him, I could see why.  The man was almost as sexy as Alex, with his dark, almost black hair, deep chocolate eyes and sexy irish accent. He wore a tux just as well, too.  

“When are you going to take that jump into the film industry, Alex?” he asked, darting his eyes toward me.

“That’s never going to happen, Adam. Music is my love. We’ve had this conversation before.”

“And who is this? I don’t think we’ve been introduced.” Adam held my gaze, the same way Alex did the first time I met him. Celebrities of their caliber always had that effect on me, knocking me breathless with their beauty. It was a surreal moment to realize they were real people, not just a perfect face in a magazine or on TV. 

“I…I…I’m Natasha White,” I stuttered, taking his hand when he offered it to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Natasha,” he cooed, kissing the back of my hand. Hollywood actors…were they all this smooth?  “I’m not used to seeing Alex with such a sophisticated woman.”  Now I was blushing.

“Natasha is my new personal assistant.” Alex’s tone was sharp as he shot daggers at Adam. “You better take your seat, Adam. It looks like they’re going to start.”

“I need to find my date anyway. Good talking with you, Alex. Natasha.” Gracefully, he disappeared into the crowd in search of his seat.  

“Wow,” I gasped, holding my chest. “I just met Adam Rider.”

“Are you a fan of his?” Alex didn’t seem that interested in my answer. He was busy playing with the arm of his chair.

“Who isn’t a fan of his? I heard he turned down the lead role in this film we’re seeing tonight.”

“I wouldn’t know, but I’m not sure Westerns are his thing anyway.”

“Do you see him a lot? Are you good friends with him?”

“Straight Lace, do you have a crush on Mr. Hollywood? I do know him pretty well. We jam together from time to time.” He couldn’t hide his smirk. “Most actors are womanizers, though, and Adam is no different. I wouldn’t get mixed up with him.”

“I’ve heard that about rock stars, too,” I quipped. “And you definitely live up to that.”

“Maybe you need to find a more reliable source. You really don’t know me well enough to make that judgement yet.” 



B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories and sexy men.She can often be found at her desk working on her next project, or looking at eye candy online for research purposes.  She is a sucker for happy endings, but will always make her characters work for it. If you enjoy romance, suspense and erotica, let your imagination run 'Wilde'.


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