Title: Uncovered by Truth

Series/Duet: Lies & Truth Duet

Author: Rachael Duncan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release: June 17, 2015


My life has been full of uncertainties. Little did I know the biggest one would come in the form of a green-eyed beauty. She came into my life and flipped everything on its end and now things are more messed up than ever before.

Being former Special Forces, I’m no stranger to fighting, but this is different. This is personal. The stakes feel much higher and the struggle to save her will be my most challenging mission yet.

But I have a secret. A secret that threatens to tear apart everything we’ve built. I just hope she can overlook them when all is revealed.

You know me as Alex Matthews.

My mistake was getting involved with her, knowing what was on the line.

Their mistake was taking me away from her

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“Oh my God, Alex. They’re going to kill us, aren’t they?” Her lip quivers as she grabs onto my arm.

I grab both of her shoulders and stare into her eyes. “No, they’re not. We’re going to stay right here and we’ll be fine, okay?”

“But they’re going to come in after us. We need to leave.” Her voice rises with urgency and I know I need to calm her down before she does something stupid out of fear.

“Good. Let them come in after us. We know they’re out there. They’re not expecting us to be ready for them. We know the layout of this cabin. They don’t. We’re going to position ourselves in a way that makes it impossible for them to surprise us. In here, we have the advantage.”

Hidden in Lies (Lies and Truth Duet #1)

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Author Bio:

Rachael Duncan is an Army wife living in North Carolina with her husband and two kids. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and went on to graduate from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a bachelor’s degree in political science. After working on Capitol Hill for a short time, she realized that a career in politics just wasn’t for her. A couple years later, she rediscovered her love for reading and writing. She’s the author of Tackled by Love as well.

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