Title: Someday Beach

Series: Grayton Series #2

Author: Jill Sanders

Genre: Contemorary Romance

Release: May 19, 2015


Shelly has always dreamed of going back to Surf Breeze. When she finally sets out on her own and buys a rundown building along the popular boardwalk, she hires a sexy contractor to help her turn it into her dream boutique. But she hadn’t counted on slowly changing with her surroundings. Fighting against an overbearing family, she learns to not only follow her own dreams, but to stand up for something she believes in.

Marcus has been waiting his whole life for a woman who could see through the horrors he’d been through as a child and the humor he uses to mask it all. Now that he’s found her, he’s not quite sure what comes next.


He turned towards her and noticed that some soft strands of her blonde hair had fallen around her face. She had either forgotten to put on makeup that morning or had very little on. Her skin looked so soft, he itched to reach out and touch it. His eyes roamed over her and he couldn’t deny the sudden and powerful tug he got from looking at her curves. She was taller than most women he’d dated. He gauged her height around five-eight. The old jeans she was wearing were snug in all the right places, making him wish he could run his hands over those long legs.

When she turned her eyes towards him, catching him in his assessment of her, he couldn’t stop the smile.

“Beautiful view,” he said, softly.

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In the Series:

Last Resort (Grayton Series #1)

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Author Bio:

Jill Sanders is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Pride Series, Secret Series and West Series romance novels. Having sold over 150,000 books within 6 months of her first release, she continues to lure new readers with her sweet and sexy stories. Her books are available in every English speaking country and are now being translated to 6 different languages, and recorded for audiobook.

Born as an identical twin into a large family, she was raised in the Pacific Northwest, later relocating to Colorado for college and a successful IT career before discovering her talent as a writer. She now makes her home on the beautiful emerald coast in Florida where she enjoys the beach, hiking, swimming, wine-tasting, and of course writing.

Social media links:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jillmsanders

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JillSandersBooks?fref=ts

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3509377.Jill_Sanders

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Website: http://www.jillsanders.com

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jillmsanders/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+JillSandersAuthor

Title: Get Even

Author: Amanda Heath

Release: April 30, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance


He broke my heart.

She died.

He used me.

She made my world go round.

He tore me apart, put me back together and tore me up again.

She was the only person who truly loved me.


My mental state is…questionable. My life is in ruins. My heart is ripped to shreds and it’ll probably never be put back together again. 

My twin sister, Sarah, passed away a few days ago. She was the sun in my sky, the grass between my toes and the light to my dark. I miss her so much. I don’t know if I can go on without her.

My ex-boyfriend, Tate, has come back into town for the funeral. I feel rage. I feel despair. I have violent urges. I have this need for revenge where he’s concerned.

My brother-in-law, Max, is acting…strange. I think he’s hiding something, something I don’t want to find out. He might be the glue though, the glue I need to hold me together.

My name is Farah and I want to get even for every single lie I’ve been told. I want to get even for all the things people have hid from me. Mostly, I want to get even for this black hole my heart has been turned into.



"What the hell are you doing?!" Max yells out from the top of the stairs.

I bite my lip and look down at Tate. The play sword is still in my hand over my head waiting for another chance to hit him. I'm straddling his hips and I kind of forgot how we even got this way, "Ummm..." I stutter out.

Tate clears his throat and looks up at his brother, "Just a bit of foreplay."

My face screws up in anger and the sword comes down on Tate. "You wouldn't know foreplay if it bit you on the ass!" I say, repeatedly beating Tate with the plastic sword. I know it stings because Blake's hit me enough times with it. 

Tate finally throws his arms over his head trying to protect himself, "You lie! You're the one who is always telling me to 'put it in' or 'fuck me now, Tatum' it's your fault!" 

"She calls you Tatum in the bedroom?" Max asks.

I glare down at Tate with all the pissed off anger I can muster. "You answer that question and I'll show you foreplay with this sword and your ass."


Author Bio:

I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I've always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven't stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I'm still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.

Social Media Links:

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6570635.Amanda_Heath

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1Jvbva6

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Blog: http://www.amandaheathauthor.blogspot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AHeathAuthor

Title: The No Asshole Rule

Series: The Rule Series #1

Author: Ashley Erin

Genre: NA Romance

Release: May 19, 2015


Andie has one rule she lives by, no assholes. She doesn’t befriend them and she certainly doesn’t date them. Upon transferring to Parkland University, she is irritated to discover her neighbor is not only an asshole, but an attractive one that her body and mind can’t seem to ignore. Can Andie let go of the one rule that safeguards her heart?

Lucas doesn’t date. Ever. At least not anymore but the sexy, distant woman across the hall intrigues him and the draw is more than he can resist. Will he like what he finds hidden deep inside her wounded soul?

They both fight to keep their rules, but the pull is irresistible. As Andie struggles with the demons from her past, old wounds open. Both Lucas and Andie will need to decide what is worth fighting for.

Some rules are meant to be broken. Are they up for the challenge?

Buy Links (Links will work on May 19, 2015):

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1dgPbVE

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Sighing, I run my hands down my face as I open the door and step out. Instead of my door across the hallway filling my vision, Lucas stands before me in a tight blue t-shirt. We are less than a foot apart, if I lifted my hands they would brush against his chest. Breathing in deeply to settle the pounding of my heart, I almost gasp as his soft cologne and a hint of sweat stirs up butterflies in my stomach. He has this magnetism, a power that draws me in and I don’t like how vulnerable I feel.

Lucas clears his throat as his eyes scan over my body and I remember I’m only in a towel. Before he can say anything, I bolt around him and slam my door.

Author Bio:

Ashley has a degree in Psychology and has worked in the Human Services field for five years. She loves reading romance, new adult, paranormal and fantasy novels.

She lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta with her boyfriend, two dogs and four cats. She also has a horse she loves with all her heart. When she is not working with the horses, reading and writing, you can find her on social media.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorashleyerin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ashley_Erin21

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8470718.Ashley_Erin?from_search=true

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1PSH4dG


One kiss can change everything…

I wished I’d known that before I’d kissed my best friend.

Things are different now. We can’t go back. I’m not even sure I want to go back. I guess the question is….

What happens now? 

PURCHASE LINKS: Craving Lucy $0.99

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ddzpL5
iTunes:  http://apple.co/1Fj7EtA
Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1EVNOlL


The USA Today bestseller hated school and reading until her aunt handed over her first romance novel at the age of twelve, as crazy aunts tend to do. It gave her a passion for the written word that has only increased over the years.  Started writing her own novellas at the age of sixteen, forcing her sister to be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more fan_s and a lot more passion for writing. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker That Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon’s Wings. The Rocker… Series has since expanded to OtherWorld with Axton Cage and his band members. Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three children, and a loveable Olde English Bulldog



Website: Terriannebrowning.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/writerchic27

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Good Reads: http://www.goodreads.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=Terri+Anne+Browning

Email: Terri.anne.browning.author@gmail.com

Title: Bound by Lies (Bound and Broken #2)

Author: Rebecca Shea

Release Date: June 15, 2015


Torn between two men; one was what I needed, the other was what I wanted.

One man was safe and the other was dangerous.

But both men would lay down their lives to save me.

 ATF agent Sam Cortez is fighting to bring down the Estrada family empire, which was built on murder and corruption.

Alex Estrada did what was needed to keep me safe…and paid with his life.

Starting over as I try to rebuild my life, it’s clear that the past is never what it seems.

What no one knew was that we were all bound by lies.

Exclusive iBooks preorder link: http://apple.co/1L0g9uV


Book One: Broken by Lies

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KfeOU3

B&N: http://bit.ly/1Af3FPK

iBooks: http://apple.co/1bZnmj3

KOBO: http://bit.ly/1bZnVcx


About Rebeca: 

Rebecca Shea is the USA Today Bestselling author of Unbreakable. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family and her beagle, Miles. From the time Rebecca could read she has had a passion for books. Rebecca spends her days working full-time and her nights writing, bringing stories to life. Born and raised in Minnesota, Rebecca moved to Arizona in 1999 to escape the bitter winters. When not working or writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her son’s football games, or watching her daughter at ballet class. Rebecca is fueled by insane amounts of coffee, margaritas, Laffy Taffy (except the banana ones), and happily ever afters.

Website: http://www.rebeccasheaauthor.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rebeccasheaauthor?fref=ts

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/rebeccasheaauthor

 Newsletter: http://bit.ly/1KcYMu0

Goodreads Author Page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6878970.Rebecca_Shea

Title: Forbidden (Fallen Idols, #1)

Author: Savannah Rylan

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: May 11, 2015


Trista Monroe is badass. She is the only female member to ever wear the cut of the Fallen Idols Motorcycle Club. She's nobody's old lady and she likes it that way.

Blaze Taylor hardly remembers the club, but his old man died trying to protect it. He wants to honor his father, but being a prospect isn't easy. Especially when the president's daughter is sexy, feisty and totally off limits.

Forbidden love is the ultimate battle, one that these two Fallen Idols might just die for.


Buy The Book 

Amazon http://amzn.to/1FmXUjs



“Stay down, tiger. I’ve found my date.”

No one in the bar moved; they just kept doing their nightly routine. Drinking, smoking¸ and making fucking plans. I was ready to make mine.

I grabbed my purse. “What’s your name, stranger?”

“Blaze, yours?”

“Kelly.” That sounded good for tonight. Trista might tip him off to who I really was. A badass MC member. Blaze, that sounded familiar though. I couldn’t figure out why.

“Well, Kelly, you want a drink? Or should we get out of here?”

I liked how fast he moved.

“Let’s go.” I pulled him by the hand through the front door.

“Where to beautiful?”

I hadn’t thought that far, usually it was the back of some guy’s car. I was only in it for the sex, but with Blaze, I wanted to know more. “My place?”

He looked surprised. “I’ll follow you? I’d like to see you on the back of that bike.”

Of course he would. “Sounds good,” I said swinging a leg over the leather seat. “Try to keep up.”

“I will,” he winked at me.

About The Author

Savannah Rylan is an erotic romance writer that spends most of her time writing and reading with her cat, Gris. When not penning the next great American novel, (HA), you can find her on the beach with a drink in her hand or at the gym testing out some strange new position. Yoga, obviously. She lives in Southern California with her husband and Gris, the true love of her life.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1A9hkYO

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1QQhkkx

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1JNYW7R

Escorting the Billionaire by Leigh James 
(Escorting the Billionaire #1) 
Publication date: April 30th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Love don’t cost a thing…except everything.

When billionaire mogul James Preston hires an escort as a date for his brother’s wedding, he knows he’s taking a risk. One thing he won’t be taking? The escort’s clothes off. He just wants a date—not a girlfriend. Not a relationship. No strings. No ties. No games. No sex. He has his reasons. He lost someone he loved, and isn’t interested in trying again. Too many opportunities for mistakes or worse, heartbreak.

Audrey Reynolds became a high-end escort to keep her brother in his expensive group home. James Preston is the client of her dreams—he’s offering to pay her more money for two weeks than she’s ever made before. But James is…difficult. He’s gorgeous, troubled and all too human for Audrey’s business-like tastes. Determined to complete her assignment and collect the money, Audrey tries to play by James’s rules. But before she knows what’s happening, he’s rewriting the contract.

When Audrey ends up in James’s bed, he realizes that she’s everything he’s wanted…and everything he’s been running from.

This is PART ONE of the Escorting the Billionaire New Adult romance trilogy. It is novella-length (30,000 words) and has a wicked cliffhanger.


Amazon: http://amzn.to/1PmMsKY


He gave me a small smile; behind it, I thought I saw his temples pulse. He was stressed. I reached for his hand again and squeezed it. “Let’s go have a drink,” I said.

“Let’s stay drunk for the next two weeks,” he said and led me through the door.

Then maybe well end up in bed, I thought, ignoring the clench of desire that tore through me at the thought. I looked at James as we walked through the door: tall, steel-grey hair, powerful shoulders, a square-cut chin. He was expensive looking.

He was also totally clench-worthy.

I heard him suck in his breath as he took in the restaurant; it was wall-to-wall fancy people, probably all related to him in one way or another. I suddenly wished I wasn’t wearing cubic zirconia. A waspy-looking woman with a white-blond bob was already heading for us. She was wearing a classic Chanel pink suit and a string of pearls.

“Is that your mom?” I asked James through the fake smile I’d plastered on.


“She’s petrifying,” I said.

“Absofuckinglutely,” he said, and I saw that he’d plastered on a smile, too.

She reached us before we were ready for her, before we’d even had a chance to catch our breath.

“James,” she said, reaching out and giving him a hug, careful not to get makeup on his suit coat.

“Mother,” he said, and he did not sound friendly, even though the fake smile was still in place. He pulled pack and grabbed my hand. “This is Audrey Reynolds.”

“Mrs. Preston,” I said, holding out my hand to her.

She didn’t take it. Instead, she looked me up and down, and looked back at James. “Very nice, James. Very nice.” She turned back to me and beamed. I could almost hear her buzzing, a bundle of sharp edges, nerves, and plans.

She finally took my hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Audrey,” she said. “James never lets us meet his girlfriends. It’s lovely to see that you not only exist, but that you aren’t designed to embarrass his family.”

I looked at her, shocked and wondering what she meant by that. I shook her hand limply. I noted that my plastered-on smile was intact; if the rest of his family was this bad, I was going to need a steady supply of alcohol to keep it in place.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so many wonderful things,” I said.

“Oh, nonsense. You don’t need to bother with that, dear—I know what my son really thinks of me,” she said without bothering to look offended.

“Enough,” James said. He sounded defeated, and we’d been here for less than five minutes. “Let Audrey at least think we’re civilized for the first night. Can you show us to the bar? And where’s Dad? And Todd and his bitch-ass fiancée?”

Mrs. Preston stopped inspecting me and turned to him with a glare. It must have been the way she normally looked at him—her face relaxed into it. “You watch your mouth, James. And here’s a waiter—be sure to take your medicine. Just make sure it’s not the kind that has you hurling the c-word, or any other of your trash talk, at your new sister-in-law.”

“Yes, ma’am,” James said.

She rolled her eyes at him and turned to me. “You better order a double, young lady,” she said, nodding her head toward her son. “You’re going to need it.”


Leigh James writes contemporary romance with a healthy dose of action and adventure. In addition to writing, endlessly re-watching "Pitch Perfect" and scouring the house for leftover Halloween candy to eat, Leigh is a wife and mother of three.

She is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of New Hampshire's Journalism program and earned her J.D. from Suffolk University School of Law in Boston.

She lives with her husband and children in New Hampshire.

Join my mailing list at www.leighjamesbooks.com.

Author links:





Title: Never Standing Still
Series: The Never Duet Book #1
Author: Anie Michaels
Release: May 12, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Cover By: Hang Le
By Hang Le Facebook Page: http://goo.gl/UqVQnS


I’ve spent my life avoiding attachments.  I learned early on, from the person who should have loved me most, I only drag others down.  So instead, I made it my goal to live in a way that never affected anyone else.  I don’t build friendships.  I don’t start relationships.  I move from place to place, from person to person, never standing still and never putting down roots.

That is, until one day when everything comes crashing down around me and I’m left with the one person who needs me the most.  He opens me up and makes me vulnerable.  He’s not a secret, but a treasure, and I’ll protect him the only way I know how – even if it makes loving anyone else impossible.

Buy Links (Live on May 12, 2015):

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JJuGuF

Amazon CA: http://goo.gl/BfWRK5

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Amazon AU: http://goo.gl/ZlfT6q

Kobo: http://goo.gl/A2yVDW

Barnes & Noble: http://goo.gl/p2qqBZ



Author Bio:

Anie Michaels is the author of The Never series, The Private Serials, and a stand alone novel, The Space Between Us. She started writing her first novel in June 2013. When she is not working, reading, writing, or spending time with her family, you can find her spending time with her close friends. Anie lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorAnieMichaels

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7267637.Anie_Michaels?from_search=true

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1IzBlKE

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Anie_Michaels

Website: http://aniemichaels.blogspot.com

Title: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 3

Series: MC Chronicles

Author: Bink Cummings

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: May 14, 2015


Must read: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1 & 2 previously.

Tests, life is full of them. The world is constantly putting you through them to see how much you can take before you break. Before you are no longer who you are. Before your world dissolves around you. How long you can stay strong and overcome the obstacles.

It's no secret that Big and I butt heads. It's no secret that I not only dislike my mother, I hate her because she hates me. But can these people break me? Can they push me to the edge of insanity, ready to jump? 

Having stayed and moved in with Big, I was living the life I never even knew I wanted. Every day was filled with promise, warmth and unconditional love. Until the day, it wasn't. Until the day it all changed and I quickly learned what I'm made of, thanks to the truths behind many years of painful secrets. 

It only took a single day for my world to never be the same. One day to change me forever. One day for revelations. One day I'll never forget......

Steamy Adult romance

Warning: Contains Mature scenarios, and mass quantities of profanity. For Ages 18+

-This is not a Stand alone.
Buy Links (Live on May 14):

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QLbxwz

Amazon CA: http://goo.gl/FE6A7h

Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/DXmE3U

Amazon AU: http://goo.gl/hcSqPy


MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1:

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23200375-mc-chronicles?from_search=true

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/18GrQKg

Amazon CA: http://tinyurl.com/qy3wgmm

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/ownmo4p

Amazon AU: http://tinyurl.com/p44j49p


MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 2:

Goodreads Link:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23200380-mc-chronicles

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LCchT1

Amazon CA: http://tinyurl.com/nk5lc27

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/nfwnzrg

Amazon AU: http://tinyurl.com/onluy7g


Coming Soon:

MC Chronicles: BIG

MC Chronicles: BIG Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24929355-big?from_search=true

Author Bio:

Author Bink Cummings was born and raised part of an MC family. Upon the incessant coercion from her sacred sisters, she has begun her newest journey in life--writing. When she's not shacked up in her home, writing at all hours of the night, Bink enjoys riding motorcycles, taking care of her extensive roughneck family, and cooking huge meals. Especially her infamous chocolate chip cookies.

Social Media Links:

Bink Facebook Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/binkcummings

MC Chronicles Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/binkcummingsauthor

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/BinkCummings 

Website: http://binkcummings.weebly.com/

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1tTllxh

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BinkCummings

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/bcummingsauthor/

TSU: https://www.tsu.co/BinkCummings


I own Second Circle, the hottest underground sex club in Texas. And ashard as it is, pun intended, I’ve learned better than to fuck with the playthings at my club. It only leads to trouble. But being twenty-seven, well-hung, and a millionaire, coupled with a brand of kink that makes most romance novels look like nursery rhymes, it’s a magnet for pussy.

The one exception to that rule seems to be the tight-assed reporter named Lola who joins Second Circle seeking answers about the girl who went missing from my club last year.

Her only objective is to solve a mystery, while mine is to fuck her senseless.

Good luck, pet, you’re going to need it.

Filthy Dirty Alpha is book 1 in a hot new series. 

Buy Links:

**Also Available on Kindle Unlimited **

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1H4D7Ol

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/filthydirtyalphakindleuk

About Author:

Grace Morgan is a Midwestern girl who kicked off her snow boots and ran west to the land of sunshine and flip flops. You can find her sipping cocktails with her girl posse, going on epically bad blind dates, and pretending to be prim and proper while she dreams up steamy scenes, alpha bad boys, and sassy heroines.

Author Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gracemorganauthor

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/gracemauthor